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About Visioncall

Of all the senses Visioncall believes sight the most precious.

Sight enhances virtually every aspect of life, from reading a grandchild’s school report to watching sport, and from spotting everyday hazards to seeing a loved one’s expression.

At Visioncall we believe that sight goes beyond a natural gift: sight is a fundamental right. We passionately believe that everyone should be able to enjoy this most essential of human senses as fully as possible. And our passion is fuelled by advanced scientific knowledge, the highest technical expertise and decades of collective experience in eye care and providing home visit opticians.

The Visioncall Home Eye Test Plan

The Visioncall home eye test Plan is delivered to you in your home or care home by our highly trained and dedicated team of home visit opticians, optometrists, dispensing opticians and optical assistants, with full back-up from our experienced office staff and lab technicians. Through training and continuous development, we ensure that all our staff provide, during the home eye test, excellent customer care and outstanding product knowledge.

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Myth or Fact: Colours aren't as vibrant, should I be concerned?

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Myth or Fact: Are black spots serious?

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