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Health Check

Thorough Home Eye Test Health Check

After establishing the patient's history as part of our home care solutions visit, we proceed with a thorough home eye test health check, which always includes an eye vision test and investigating eye pressure (high pressure can indicate glaucoma, which affects some 1–2% of over-40s).

We provide full home care solutions for you, as we arrive fully equipped and our home eye test visit represents what is to all intents and purposes an optician’s surgery in miniature, complete with an eye vision test and a large selection of spectacle frames to choose from in your own home.

In assessing eye pressure we use an instrument called a tonometer. There are two kinds: the Icare tonometer for general use and the Perkins tonometer for even greater accuracy – it’s considered the “gold standard” of eye pressure testing. The Perkins is sometimes called a “contact tonometer”: we administer anaesthetic eye drops and then apply the tonometer directly on to the eye.

During your home eye vision test we check the back of the eye, which can be a revealing source of information, and we look for signs of cataracts, glaucoma, tumours and retinal detachment among other possible problems.

Visioncall offers a number of home care solutions as we maintain detailed clinical records to help monitor health progress on not only specific problems but also as a general reference guide to the health of each individual patient.

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