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Eye Test Process

Sight tests should normally include the following but the order may vary:

Checking your eye sight

You will be asked to read letters on a chart. For those who are not able to read, there are other tests such as identifying pictures or matching letters and pictures.

Checking your outer eye

A light will be shone on the front of your eyes to check their health and how well they react to light.

Checking your inner eye

An ophthalmoscope is used to check the back of the eyes. The light of the ophthalmoscope will be shone into your eyes to check their health and you will be asked to look in different directions.

Checking your eye muscles

Your optometrist will check that the muscles that control your eye movement are working well.

Checking to see if you need glasses

If you need glasses to improve your vision, the optometrist will work out exactly what prescription you need. They may shine a light in your eyes and then ask you to look at letters or colours on a chart through various lenses in a special frame or machine.