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Lighting Design

Lighting Design and Eyesight Problems

Visioncall understands the importance of lighting for care homes and it’s even more important when caring for people with eyesight problems. When designing residences for older people and those with dementia, it has to be understood that vision is often at best reduced and frequently severely impaired. When advising on lighting design for elderly home care on any scale, Visioncall always considers:

  • How older, visually impaired people, or those with cognitive difficulties may interpret surroundings
  • How readily people with eyesight problems or cognitive difficulties may be confused
  • How easily visual prompts can be read to help orientation throughout the home
  • How participation in activities and stimulation is affected.

Good lighting and advanced ergonomic design go together in care homes and make the difference between seeing, potential risk and the patient understanding their own surroundings.

During any domiciliary visit, Visioncall optometrists and dispensing opticians always consider the lighting of the environment around the patient.