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Home Sight Tests

Dementia sight test: Why are they important?

A professionally conducted free NHS funded sight test provides vital benefits, which allow the individual to:

  • Enhance vision therefore improving eyesight and quality of life
  • Preserve sight for as long as possible (270,000 people over 75 experience unnecessary sight loss due to wearing outdated spectacles or none at all)
  • Reduce the possibility of accidents such as falls (over 89,000 falls needing hospital attention occur annually as a result of visual impairment)
  • Maintain independence
  • Avoid or minimise sight loss from problems such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration

Advantages of home dementia sight tests

Visioncall optometrists provide dementia sight tests in the home of those who find it difficult to attend a high street practice.

During a dementia sight test, our optometrists can assess the immediate surroundings and gauge changes that may help in improving eyesight for the individual.

Elderly patients and people suffering from dementia are more relaxed in familiar surroundings, making communication much easier.

What’s more, our dementia sight test suits anyone thanks to our specialist techniques which do not require a full response from the individual.

This means a faster clinical diagnosis and prescription, meaning improved vision for the individual sooner, rather than later.

Free NHS funded sight test

Take the first step in improving eyesight. Contact your local branch for more information on a dementia sight test or book a home visit online.

Free spectacles

Patients who are in receipt of income support, pension credit guarantee or a valid HC2 / HC3 certificate are entitled to free spectacles.

Call today or click here to book your dementia sight test.

Private spectacles from £60

Including frame, single vision lenses, case, cloth, delivery, on-site adjustments and repairs all in the comfort of your own home.

Call today or click here to book your dementia sight test.



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