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A sight test that’s all about you

Trained to help everyone.

Our opticians have been trained to deliver a sight test that is suited for all and hassle free for our patients.

We offer flexible booking options, appropriate and suitable methods of testing and empathetic optometrists who are trained to engage with non-communicative individuals.

Our clinical team take the time to learn more about every person we assist to ensure that their eye care recommendation offers as much benefit as possible to being able to see better and live better.

At some point in our lives we will all have visited an optician to have our sight tested - a routine but essential health check that we all need.

This will have no doubt involved a trip to the high street where you will be taken through a sight test which also administers a prescription to improve your vision.

But, not everyone can make it to the high street. So, we go to them.

Here at Visioncall we make it our mission to help others to see better and live better through a person-centred sight test which engages the individual and helps us create the right eye care recommendation for them.

Every aspect of our sight test has been designed and reviewed in order to make it all about you.

When it comes to eye care there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution, which is why we use a person-centred approach so that we can offer a bespoke eye care recommendation that will make a visible difference to the person’s daily life. 

Our opticians are all trained to help those in need of extra care, time and attention, including individuals living with some form of dementia, stroke recovery and disability.

We also utilise appropriate and effecting testing methods for non-communicative residents to ensure that everyone benefits from seeing better and living better.

Booking a sight test is simple, just contact our team to find a date most suitable for your home.

All we ask is that you prepare a private setting for the sight test within your residence to ensure that we can give each person our undivided attention and complete privacy.

To find out more about how we make person-centred eye care a reality, click here