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A sign of quality

Guiding your way better.

Visioncall is committed to working together with new and existing partners to raise care standards.

This is why our range of dementia friendly signage is exclusive to our partners.

Signage is especially beneficial around the home for individuals who can become disoriented and struggle to navigate their home safely.

Enhanced orientation can enable a person to be independent within their home and help to reduce their risk of isolation.

The real benefit of our signage is the researched and carefully selected colours, typeface and iconography.

These features offer the best possible results of legibility and visibility for individuals living with dementia.

The colours provide an appropriate level of contrast for those who see faded colours.

The iconography and typeface are big, clear and simple so as to be universally understood by individuals living with dementia or any cognitive impairment, stroke or generally poor vision.

An additional bonus is that our signage will stick to most materials including wood, glass and plastic.

Application of our signs is easy and for the best results, try to ensure that the signs are installed straight.

If you make a mistake though, don’t worry because your signs can be taken off and repositioned.

Head to our website here and place your order today to see a difference in your home.