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All eyes and ears... covered with Visioncall

Like our vision, hearing should be a real focus of care...

We hear it all the time for someone to ‘be all eyes and ears’ to capture a real sense of engagement at a certain moment.

Meaning to be eagerly giving your full attention to someone or something, imagine how difficult this must be for someone who cannot literally give that focus as their sight and/or hearing is impaired.

The phrase itself can bear more significance when being applied to someone who is living with dementia and dealing with conditions that effect their sight and/or hearing.

We have looked at how essential it is to maintain the vision of our patients living with dementia and how Visioncall can help them - but it is also important to recognise how hearing is also a focus of care. 

According to figures from UK charity, Action on Hearing Loss, the majority of people with dementia are over 70, and three quarters of over 70’s have hearing loss.

They also reported that having hearing loss alone can also increase the risk of developing dementia by up to five times.

Our sense of hearing, like our vision, is incredibly important to us as a communicative and social means of being able to interact and understand the world around us.


If a person’s hearing is impaired it may prove to be isolating, effecting how a person is able to engage with every day activities they currently enjoy.

At Visioncall we wanted to be able to provide all of our care home partners with a solution that can further help our patients and enable them to enjoy the world around them.

We also want to make things as easy as possible for our partners is achieving this – and thanks to our partners, Amplifon, we can make this possible by offering free hearing tests to all Visioncall partners.

Amplifon are global hearing specialists with over 65 years’ experience in delivering professional hearing health services worldwide.

Available via VC24, our online eyecare management hub, you can book to arrange your free hearing test at your care residence.

Simply enter the name of the resident you wish to have tested along with a contact telephone number for your care home and we can arrange the rest.

Visioncall are committed to offering our partners a complete service which enables our patients to seeing the world a little better, and having better hearing can help them engage with their world even further.

To discuss how to arrange a hearing test with Visioncall, how to sign up to VC24 or more on becoming a partner of Visioncall – call us on 0800 035 636.