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Damaged glasses? We've got you covered

Repairs and adjustments from Visioncall

Regardless of your age, there is one fact of life for us all – accidents happen.

Sometimes you will accidentally damage your possessions - how many times have you heard of someone dropping a phone down the toilet or sitting on their spectacles?

Visioncall appreciate this and know the same applies to our patients when it comes to their glasses.

Our ‘after care’ is an essential part of the service we give to all Visioncall partners.

We make sure our service doesn’t stop for our partners once a patient has been tested.

Visioncall will always come to you for minor repairs or adjustments, and at every stage we will always review the needs of the patient.

The majority of our patients will be living with some form of dementia, and every person will experience it in their own way, but for most of our patients they will display common symptoms which can easily result in damaged glasses.

Memory loss is a very common symptom with dementia, some may find it difficult to recall familiar faces or places let alone their glasses.

Visioncall engrave every pair of glasses we make for with the resident's name and purpose to help our patients, but from time to time they may simply become misplaced as a result of a memory loss function.

Another common symptom for people with dementia is gradually losing their ability to perform everyday tasks without assistance.

When alone they may drop or accidentally damage items such as their glasses, often a result of clumsiness due to a loss of mobility.

Outside of dementia related reasons, it can often be a case of leaving a pair of glasses on the ground and they get accidentally damaged!

Whatever the cause, we encourage our partners to contact us and not to hesitate to get in touch with us to fix a patients glasses.

We do this as part of our commitment to our core purpose – to enable others to see the world better.

This means being able to offer a service at all times and not just centred on testing.


Oh, and when we say ‘at all times’, we mean it. Our free glasses repair and adjustment service can be requested 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for our partners.

Once we receive a request we will endeavour to fulfil this within three to five days.

We offer a number of ways for our partners to contact us, including via the telephone and email.

But we also offer this service through VC24, our online eyecare management hub which puts you in complete control.

All you need to do is register (read more here and find out how to do so).

Once you are signed up simply follow these steps:

  • Sign into VC24 with your login credentials here.
  •      Go to partnership benefits
  •      Select ‘Free Glasses Repair Service’
  •      Enter your residents name and the type of request (repair or adjustment).

You can even include some extra information if you wish, as well as a photo of the patients glasses for our team to see – we will then take care of the rest for you.

So the next time your patients accidentally damages or skew their glasses – get in touch, we have you covered.

For more information on how to sign up to VC24, Visioncall’s online eyecare management service, click here.

To discuss becoming a Visioncall partner today, please click here.