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Delivering dignity and privacy

Extra peace of mind!

Dignity, privacy and patience are the three core values that Visioncall offer every person we assist.

Patience enables our opticians to ensure individuals get the dignity and privacy they deserve through understanding each individual and allowing individuals to be themselves.

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain and deliver a sight test in a care setting professionally and to a clinical standard.

A key way we achieve this is to always set up within a private setting in the home before taking a person through a sight test.

And by private, we mean private!

We don’t believe in waiting rooms or a hub environment.

This ensures we provide each person we assist with the one-on-one attention and care that they deserve regardless of the nature of the setting i.e. in a care environment.

While privacy of an individual during a sight test is a requirement of the General Optical Council to ensure patient confidentiality, we also take privacy seriously because it ensures that every person is treated with the utmost dignity and respect every time.

Dignity and respect of the individual is also strengthened through the patience of each of our opticians.

Old age and cognitive impairment can require varying levels of understanding and communication, which our opticians are trained for and empathetic towards to ensure that respect of the individual is maintained and their dignity intact.

Visioncall’s opticians are dementia friendly to ensure respect and dignity of vulnerable individuals.

A dementia friendly approach not only benefits those living with dementia, but also those living with other physically, mentally and physiologically impairing conditions.

Our opticians offer a tailored approach reflecting a person’s needs through their enhanced understanding of individual needs.

In doing so, any eye care recommendations are appropriate and necessary based on the individual’s life, routine and needs.

Visioncall’s dedication to delivering dignity means that eyewear will never be recommended without a genuine need or benefit to the individual to help them see better and live better.

If your loved one could benefit from a dignified sight test with an understanding optician, contact us to see how we can help!