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Eye care which goes beyond your vision
Building meaningful engagements...

Vision is an important sense and we should actively try to maintain and preserve it.

Poor vision increases the risk of falls, feeds isolation and can cause depression.

Visioncall’s primary focus is and always will be to help people see better and live better.

But, to make a real difference the service must be person centred.

Person centred care assesses individual needs and provides appropriate care through personalisation and co-ordination with the aim of enabling an individual.

Visioncall’s specialist holistic approach goes beyond your vision, as we build a meaningful engagement with an individual and personalise the eye care recommendation and care we deliver.

Our opticians are trained to engage with communicative individuals and also how to approach and engage with non-communicative individuals.

As we offer a dementia-friendly service, our opticians connect with each individual and treat them with patience, respect and dignity at all times.

Visioncall strive to make each engagement meaningful and ensure that the eye care recommendation is beneficial to each individual in allowing them to engage in the world around them and their routine.

Our eye care doesn’t stop their either!

We use our Lifestyle Questionnaire before the sight test to better understand the individual which enables us to tailor the sight test and eye care recommendation.

We also provide an eye care planning document, our Lifestyle Passport, which summarises the outcomes of the Lifestyle Questionnaire to indicate hobbies and the sight test to indicate how well sight is with and without glasses.

Both the Lifestyle Questionnaire and Lifestyle Passport are bespoke eye care planning documents that focus on the individual and their specific eye care requirements.

Our Eye-D provides a handy daily reminder of an individual’s eye care requirements and identifies which glasses are required for certain hobbies.

It’s extremely important that correct eyewear is worn when undertaking corresponding tasks to benefit from improved sight.

Improved sight can benefit an individual as they may want to actively participate in activities, tasks or hobbies that they would otherwise avoid.

To find out more about how our eye care planning documents can make a difference, click here.