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Glaucoma: Here's all you need to know

What is it? How to identify and treat the condition...

Glaucoma is one of the most common eye conditions to develop as we get older, particularly once we are over-40. Here is everything you need to know about glaucoma and how we can help to identify and treat this…

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition which irreparably damages your optic nerve, which is what carries information from your eye to your brain.

This is caused by having too much or too little pressure at the back of the eye.

Glaucoma will create a ‘tunnel’ effect in your vision, and can severely impact your peripheral vision.

There are four types of glaucoma: chronic, acute, secondary and developmental. The latter however is very rare, affecting only babies.

What is the best way to treat glaucoma?

If your optician has diagnosed you with glaucoma the treatment will vary based on your specific needs.

But the most common methods of treating glaucoma are eye drops (to reduce pressure in your eyes), laser treatment (to open blocked drainage tubes in the eye or reduce fluid production in the eye) or surgery (to improve the drainage of fluid from the eye).

You will need to see your local optician regularly so they can check and assess how the treatment is working.

Can the effects of glaucoma be reversed?

Any existing damage cannot be reversed or repaired, therefore it is essential to have regular eye checks with your local optician to identify glaucoma or other eye conditions as soon as possible.

What is the best way to identify glaucoma?

If you have any concerns about your vision or if a loved one has complaints regarding their vision you should arrange to see a local optician.

They will be able to test your sight and assess your eye health, which allows them to identify any eye conditions.

Visioncall’s optometrists are all trained in identifying glaucoma and to conduct a test using the most advanced equipment.

To arrange a sight test in your home please click here.

Are there any early warning signs I should be aware of?

Glaucoma will not usually have any tell-tale symptoms in its initial stages and can only be identified early through a sight test.

The condition will often develop slowly over the years and can eventually cause a loss of peripheral vision.

However if you are experiencing intense pain in your eye, red eye, headaches, tenderness around the eyes, seeing rings around lights or experiencing blurred vision, then seek assistance from your local optician.

On occasion these can be symptoms of glaucoma developing suddenly.

How can I arrange for Visioncall to test someone I currently care for?

To arrange a sight test in your home please click here.

Or alternatively you can call and speak to us today on 0800 035 6316.

A member of our team will be able to help arrange for a Visioncall optometrist to visit your home.