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Helping you care for your eyes daily
There’s more to having your eyes tested than a sight test!

Visioncall provides a 
specialist holistic approach to give you the best eye care, beyond delivering a sight test in your home.

Have you ever been confused or accidentally zoned out when your local optician goes into detail about your eye care recommendation?

We believe that everyone should be able to understand their sight prescription.  

Our Lifestyle Passport summarises details of the testing methods used for an individual, their hobbies, illustrates the individual’s visual capacity with and without glasses and information on any applicable eye conditions.

This bespoke document is generated using our Lifestyle Questionnaire to gauge routine and activities an individual enjoys, through a one-on-one conversation where possible between our optician and the individual.

These hobbies are categorised as either short-sighted or long-sighted activities and ultimately alters the eyewear and eye care recommendation made by the optician based on whether the individual has a daily need for reading or distance glasses.

Our Lifestyle Passport also signposts the individual’s correct eyewear for the activities they enjoy doing daily.

Visioncall provides this innovative solution to assist each person day-to-day to ensure their eye care needs are met to enable them to see better and live better.

The Lifestyle Passport is a handy reminder not just for the individual, but for those responsible for delivering care to them.

Visioncall offers this personalised tool to everyone we assist to ensure appropriate eye care and correct eye care – both of which can help to combat the treatable damage to eyes and vision.

Preservation of sight is the difference between isolation and engaging with the world around us.

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