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How our vision changes as we age
Did you know when to expect changes?...

As we get older there are many things which change for us, from grey hairs to gaining wisdom, it is all a natural part of ageing.

Our eyes are no exception to this, and as we grow older they also start to change which means we will start to see changes in our vision.

Time really is a factor and as we all age it is important to consider how our vision changes over the years.

Being aware of how your vision changes can be helpful to not only yourself but to your loved ones currently experiencing changes in their own sight.

These changes occur relatively soon in our lives, and can usually be indicated by simple things such as struggling to read.

By the time we reach our 40’s it becomes harder to focus on objects up close thanks to the hardening of the lens inside your eye.

This is presbyopia and a perfectly normal part of getting older.

At this stage you may find yourself holding the paper a little closer, and in many cases this can be solved by some simple reading glasses.

As we head into our 50’s and beyond, the effects of presbyopia start to become more pronounced in our vision.

Regular changes to your prescription or having multiple prescriptions may also become normal for you at this age to compensate for your sight during different tasks. (I.e. you may need a pair for driving and a pair to help read what’s on your phone).

Into our senior years and beyond 65 then you may find that you have some form of cataract formation.

This is quite common, so common in fact that it is the leading cause of treatable vision loss in the UK.

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eye and form inside the eye, rather than on top.

You may find that your vision has become cloudy and is usually an indicator of cataract formation.

This can be easily treated for you through routine surgery.

We all have different needs, but what is clear is that our eyes, just like the rest of our body, will age over time.

To make sure that your vision is maintained and your eyes stay healthy at any age can be made easy thanks to regular sights tests from your Optician.

Visioncall make this a reality for thousands of elderly people in care throughout the country every day, with our Opticians visiting people in their own home to deliver an eye test.