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Improving Our Process

We care about caring.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service for our partners.

This allows our partners to focus on their good work and allows us to enable individuals sooner, rather than later.

Over the last few months we have identified how we can make life easier for our partners in relation to private eye care recommendations.

As our partners are usually responsible for multiple people in their residence at once, we now directly contact an individual’s next of kin to explain our eye care recommendation and also to confirm an order.

This solution has enabled our partners to focus on their main duties and helps to reassure an individual’s friends and loved ones that their eye care needs are being taken care of to the highest standard.

Ultimately, by taking care of eye care administration for our partners, we have noticed a quicker journey of processing the order, delivering the glasses and making adjustments where necessary.

Simply put, this quicker process has allowed us to enable individuals to see better and live better sooner.

By having the correct eye care and prescription, individuals will be more able and willing to engage with their surroundings.

Better vision can help to reduce the depression and isolation caused by an individual’s lack of engagement.

This will also increase the quality of time spent with the individual’s loved ones.

Both our partners and individuals will benefit from a reduced number of falls or incidents that unnecessarily poor vision can cause.

We believe that everyone has the fundamental right to sight and we are dedicated to ensuring a quick and easy journey for individuals currently living without the correct prescription, eyewear or eye care.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your residence with our enabling eye care service please contact us today on 0800 036 6316.