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Optometrist or GP? Who ya' gonna call?

Who should you contact first about your eyes or vision?...

When we face any uncertainty the first port of call is always to seek the help or advice of someone who is an expert on the matter.

So if you have a burst pipe in the house, you would seek help from a plumber rather an electrician, as they will be able to help properly.

To use an old phrase, it is simply finding the right person for the job.

So if we apply the same thinking for instances where we are concerned about our vision or our eyes then we would contact an optician, right?

Not necessarily so, in fact 26% of people in the UK instead turn to their GP with their eye troubles rather than seeing an optometrist (Vision of Britain report 2016).

GP’s are qualified to help but may end up referring you to see an optician to have an expert assessment.

Figures from the Vision of Britain report (2016) also detailed how 32% of GP’s said how they felt ‘de-skilled’ in being able to properly diagnose eye conditions, and 44% of them said they were less confident in identifying eye conditions than in other parts of the body.

These statistics go to show that for the best and most accurate assessment, always see an optometrist over any eye/vision troubles.

Our team of optometrists spend each day helping residents across the UK with their eye concerns and helping them see the world better.

We can help identify any underlying health or eye conditions and recommend the best course of action to help each person.

Because we often deal with people who are the most in need of care, our optometrists will also always deliver a detailed run though of our recommendations following a sight test.

This can be with a person’s care provider in their home or simply by speaking to the person’s next of kin.

We do this to make sure each person, and the people charged with making important decisions in their lives, are given all the information they need to make the best choice for the person.

However we know that in some cases a resident may be experiencing discomfort in the eyes, and we also offer a minor ailment service to all our partners to assist them with this.

Our free online eyecare management service, VC24, makes this possible. Read our blog for more information on this and how to get setup.

If your loved ones or someone in your care have any concerns about their vision then always remember contacting an optometrist is the best course of action.

Remember, regular sight tests are the best way to identify and discover underlying eye or health conditions – Visioncall are ready to help you with this today.

To discuss how our team can assess your care residence please contact us today on 0800 035 6316 or click here.