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Our five tips to identifying visitors

Here's how to spot rogue callers...

For most of us when you think lemon juice you think of Jif’s famous yellow lemon shaped container… pretty unmistakable right?

Not entirely.

In fact food manufacturer Borden was taken to court by Jif after they started to sell lemon juice in a similar lemon shaped container.

Needless to say it didn’t take the court at the House of Lords long to rule in favour of Jif.  Borden was ruled to be ‘passing off’ as their competitor; or in a nutshell - misrepresenting their product as another.

Any product or service can become a target for impersonators, and Visioncall take this very seriously as we provide much needed service to those who urgently require it.

We have seen instances of competitors knowingly mislead partners to gain access to a care home residence under the guise that they are Visioncall representatives.

Not only is this fraudulent, but is not treating our patients and partners with the integrity they deserve, which is what Visioncall strive for.

If an individual from another eye care provider contacts a care home claiming to be from Visioncall to provide their own product/service this is known as ‘passing off’.

The key takeaway from this is that any attempts to mislead or impersonate a care service provider such as Visioncall is considered fraudulent by law, and is subject to penalties.

In fact the penalties can be pretty severe, under The Fraud Act 2006 offenders can be slapped with a prison sentence between 12 months and ten years.

We have created five tips to help you when dealing with any suspicions and ensure you are safe, secure and above all else treated with dignity and respect.


The first thing to always remember is that you must always check for proper identification.

Visioncall staff including our opticians and dispensers will always have a company photographic identification badge present.

If you are unsure on the individual, remember to CHECK their ID.


Some individuals may try to mislead via the telephone first, so always be sure to confirm the name of the company and the purpose of the call.

Remember we are Visioncall and will always clearly identify as such.

The best way to do this is to ask a simple question and confirm, for example…

‘I’m sorry I didn’t catch what company you are with, can you please tell me again?’

If they hesitate or don’t communicate correctly, you may find they are trying to hide information.

Visioncall will only call to arrange or provide an agreed service i.e. a sight test for a resident. 


If you have any suspicions you should always check with the company that the individual claims to represent.

So if an individual cannot present proper identification, presents suspicious identification or fails to clarify who they are with, you can check with Visioncall directly.

Simply call us on 0141 646 0654 for quick clarification on an individual.


Visioncall will only visit a care residence with an agreed appointment in place to do so.

You will find the majority of times this will either be for a sight test, delivery of spectacles or a customer service appointment.

If an individual claims to have an appointment in place be sure to check your own records/diary as well.

Any Visioncall staff visiting a care residence will always make sure to record their visit in the log book at the entrance, a misleading individual claiming to be from Visioncall may not wish to leave any trace of their visit.


The likelihood of this happening may be slim for your care residence, and if you are satisfied by the credentials then permit them access.

After all, if Visioncall are present it will be to deliver required eye care to a resident.

These tips are to safeguard your care home and its residents, they apply not only to misleading individuals claiming to be from Visioncall but from any care service provider.

Visioncall want to help our partners to be safe and have peace of mind.

By bearing these helpful hints in mind you can be sure that only the representatives that have real reason to be present in the care residence will be there.

For more hints, tips and advice on eye care click here to arrange a free staff training session.

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