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Round the clock support (VC24)
Here when you need us!

When you’re busy and your to-do list keeps on growing, eye care is the last thing on your mind.

But fast access to the services you need most at important times of the years makes it easier to ensure that eye care is a priority.

This is why we offer round the clock support through our online service VC24.

From printing off eye care planning documents or information to requesting a repair or replacement pair of glasses, you can find all the supporting tools you need to facilitate eye care without it being at the expense of your valuable time.

Being able to request a repair or replacement pair of glasses is, in particular, an incredibly useful tool as a request can be logged instantly, day or not.

Gone are the days when broken or lost glasses are forgotten – and it’s one less thing to include in a handover.

The real benefit of fast access at busy times like Christmas is that your local Visioncall practice can respond quickly, helping reduce the time that your residents are living without glasses, leading unfulfilled lives and not being able to do what they want to do.

It also means that the time spent with their families can be enjoyed as fully as possible, without their loved ones worrying about broken or missing glasses.

VC24 is here to make any eye care requests simple and easy, meaning you spend less time organising and your residents can see better and live better sooner.

If you are currently a partner of Visioncall and want to know how you can get started with VC24, click here for help on getting registered.