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The small details: Engraving at Visioncall
Wearing the right glasses matters.

A little bit of love goes a long way to making a big difference.

Our personalised engraving is not a novelty feature for those who need it.

On the inside leg of a frame, we personally engrave the wearer’s name, the purpose of the glasses (near or distance) and the date of production.

This allows for easy identification of who a pair of glasses belong to, what variety of tasks they should be worn for and whether they’re the most recent pair.

More importantly, by placing these details on the inside leg of a frame we can protect a person’s dignity.

The engraving is etched into the frame material, meaning no labels or stickers to fall off over time and no marker pen to fade away with daily wear.

To ensure the cleanest engraving, our in-house lab replaces the diamond tip engraver every few months.

Precise and clean engraving offers a high-quality identification system, so you don’t have to guess the details!

Identifying glasses easily is key to ensuring the correct and most up-to-date pair of glasses are worn when required to be able to see better and live better.

Engraving also removes the confusion that can occur when several individuals in your residence own one or two pairs of glasses each and with some having the same or similar frames.

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