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How our eye care service really makes a difference

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This week Cathy Conchie, owner and manager at Derby and Dover Care Homes in Sale delivered an account of how Visioncall’s eye care service has helped make a positive impact for a resident.

During a routine eye test, our optician Chris had noticed very high pressure had built up behind the patient’s eye and quickly made this known to staff.

Thanks to his proactive approach, this alerted care home staff to push the resident’s GP to contact the eye hospital, who immediately advised she should be brought to the emergency department.

As a result of the visit, the resident is now being kept on close check to avoid a similar condition developing in her other eye, and is receiving the care she requires based on her specific needs.

Medical staff at the hospital were very impressed with how Chris had dealt with her condition, as well as care home staff who reached out to extend their thanks to him personally.

This example is just one of many which shows how Visioncall strive to improve the sight and lives of every one of our patients.

It also highlights the importance of getting an eye check routinely, making sure residents are given the care they need.

Our VC24 online portal goes one step further to make sure you get the support you need, when you need it.

If you have a question about the vision of someone in your care, our ‘ask the optician’ service is available to all of our customers to make sure patients get the proper care they need.

Does your current optician offer a comprehensive, modern approach with your eye care service?

VC24 empowers and gives you total control over your eye care service and is available to all of our existing and new customers. 

To find out more about VC24 and to become part of our online community please contact us on 0845 050 1831 or email info@visioncall.co.uk