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What happens during a sight test at home?

Here's everything you need to know...

Visioncall can help those who are housebound or unable to visit their local optician. We have branches based throughout the UK and our team of qualified clinical Opticians are ready to assist you whatever your needs. Here is everything you need to know…

What is a sight test at home?

A sight test at home is when an Optician comes to your residence to assess your vision. 

What happens during a home sight test visit?

When the Optician first arrives they will spend some time talking with the resident or their chosen representative to identify any existing eyesight problems and other general health issues that could affect their vision.

The sight test then takes place within a comfortable and private environment they are used to using the latest mobile technology.

If the person desires they can also request for someone to be with them during the test.

At the end of the examination the Optician will use these results and information about the person (via our Lifestyle Questionnaire) to create a prescription. This will be explained in full.

Following the sight test the individual can then choose from our large selection of frames (which they may be entitled to getting for free depending on benefits).

Who is eligible for a sight test at home?

You are entitled to a free home sight test if you cannot visit a high street optician unaided.

Will you provide a sight test in the home of someone currently in care?

Yes, if you are in charge or are responsible for delivering care for someone then please do not hesitate to arrange a sight test at home with Visioncall.

What will I need in my home for this?

All you will need is a private and comfortable setting somewhere in your residence for the sight test to be delivered.

How can I book a sight test with Visioncall?

To book a sight test in your home with Visioncall you can fill our online booking form here or call our team today on 0800 035 6316.

Alternatively you can email our customer services team via customercare@visioncall.co.uk