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What makes a recommendation?
Detailing your choice...

Independence holds incredible value for us all and particularly for someone in receipt of individual care or support.

Being able to maintain one’s independence ensures they maintain their own sense of dignity, control, self-esteem and fulfilment… all basic needs and requirements for a person’s happiness.

As such, it is safe to say that making sure that independence is delivered to someone within a care setting is a fantastic means of ensuring that they are happy and have a good quality of life.

A big part in making this a reality is to give the person the choice in how they wish to do things in their everyday lives.

This can be from choosing what they would like to eat, to the clothes they decide to wear that day.

Promoting choice is promoting a person’s independence.

For someone living with dementia it is essential to recognise and maintain choice and control in that person’s life, and not assume that they are not incapable of making decisions in their daily life.

As such we have developed an end to end service which is fully committed to being both dementia friendly and delivering what the person wants.

Following a sight test we will always leave a recommendation of the best pair of glasses for the person based on their individual needs and also which frames they have selected from our range after the sight test.

We believe that choice is essential and as such we always give our patients the option of selection the pair of glasses they want, rather than making the choice for them.

So every time we take someone through a sight test, we will always leave a booklet with our recommendation.

Our recommendation is based on the person’s choice, but we also believe they have the right to change their mind if they decide they want another option which is why we recommend – it is not a concrete or singular option.

So if that person decides they want a different type of frame, then we will make this a reality.

At all stages of life, we feel everyone should be entitled to a choice independent of influence and care residents can expect this every time with Visioncall.

Giving someone who needs individual care or support choice is fundamental in promoting their independence.

Visioncall are dedicated to achieving this, enabling others to see the world better and choosing the best look for them to do so.