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Why is there a focus on person-centred care?
It's all about you.

The care industry has recently seen a big shift in the number of companies focusing on delivering ‘person centred care’.

Whilst 2/3 of UK healthcare resources are focused on supporting people with long term conditions, up to 90% of these people either care for themselves or are cared for by family.

Person centred care uses a holistic approach to assess individual needs and provide appropriate care.

Simply put, the care is personalised, co-ordinated and enabling.

Companies and local authorities use it because, in theory, it improves outcomes. For the patient or client, it gives more control over the delivery of care.

But, what does it really mean?

Individual needs of someone requiring “extra care” are considered in-depth instead of automatically providing the same standard care provisions i.e. a carer and lower light switches.

While these standard care provisions may be useful to some, they don’t enable or make everyone independent.

Visioncall enable people to see better and live better through a person centred care approach.

Our Lifestyle Questionnaire and Lifestyle Passport are bespoke eye care planning documents that focus on the individual and their specific eye care requirements.

Both the Questionnaire and Passport are personalised through a one-on-one conversation between our optician and the individual.

This meaningful engagement and continued eye care after the sight test is what makes Visioncall different from a high street optician.

Visioncall do this to reassure the individual, let them know what is happening every step of the way and treat them with the utmost dignity and respect.

Ultimately, person centred care should leave an individual feeling enabled and as independent as possible.

If your loved one could benefit from additional independence through improved vision within their home, get in touch to see how else we can help!