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Your choice in frame matters

A new you!

Having a person-centred approach means that our eye care recommendations are appropriate and necessary to help each individual to see better and live better.

Our eye care recommendations consider a person’s visual requirements and daily activities to enable them to actively engage with the world around them.

Even though you may be able to “see just fine” with your current glasses, our prescriptions change subtly over time and using an outdated prescription can cause unnecessary eyestrain that could easily be prevented.

This is why our recommendations include both a person’s prescription and preferred frame on the day of testing.

Our dispensers are friendly and helpful in helping find the best frames for you, a like-for-like for your current pair or a brand new look.

Whatever you’re after, we have it! 

Choice is paramount, especially for an item like glasses which can make a huge difference to a person’s daily life, so if you wish to amend anything in the recommendation you can do so before an order is placed.

Whether you prefer frames from our Visioncall or Select range, it can be done. 

As we loved to keep families engaged we regularly contact them to go over recommendations where required.

We have an open and honest approach to finding the right eye care solution for each and every resident we assist.

Your choice in frame matters because you’re more likely to wear your glasses if you have a frame style and colour that you love!

Wearing the correct glasses is important to maintain vision which is why we actively encourage understanding which tasks the glasses are needed for and to try and remember to wear them.

Our eye care documents make it easy to see the benefit that glasses can have for a person who needs them, and also include a handy reminder of which tasks their glasses are required for.

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